Am I really a senior already?!

I’ve officially been a senior in college for almost two months now and I still find myself shocked at that fact. Just today a friend of mine was talking about how when we were first-years we saw the seniors as so much older and more put-together than us freshies. And now we’re those people. And it feels nothing like it looked.

It’s like when you first move into a new city on your own but the fact that your life is about to change drastically hasn’t kicked in yet. Or like when you wake up the morning of your birthday and it doesn’t feel like you’re any older. In some ways I still feel like the first-year I was when I first stepped foot on this campus. I still don’t know where I see myself at 30 years old; the exact career I’ll have, the kind of work I’ll be doing, where I’ll be living. But then again in some ways I’m so different from that person. I’ve experienced so much during these past three years, personally just as much as academically. And I know there’s still so much more to experience in the few months I have left here.

Looking ahead into what’s awaiting me this year is simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. The things that have always made Bryn Mawr feel warm: lantern night, WTF week, May Day, the Anassa (which I can officially start myself), and all the other traditions we’ve held for years. As well as the things that challenge me: my courses, senior thesis, job and fellowship applications, etc.

The agenda book that’s getting me through this year

My family is already planning the details of getting everyone to my graduation. It feels lightyears away but I know it’s so close. For now, I’m trying to live in the moment. There’s so much to senior year and I can’t wait to document this journey (with the highs and the lows). I’ll share the lessons I learn throughout the year, like how to stay organized, how to best utilize the campus career services/handshake to search for jobs, how to develop a good thesis idea, how to foster helpful professional relationships, etc. As well as just all of the fun of senior year. Here goes the last leg of my college experience!