Back at Bryn Mawr

After a semester of endless flights, new homes, and sleeping on countless beds, I’m finally back at my home at Bryn Mawr! I arrived yesterday back at my comfort hub that is Erdman Hall. I’ve been living in Erdman since I first stepped foot on Bryn Mawr’s campus, and it seems like I’m going to be an Erdman lifer because I love this dorm.

I’m using this new year and return to campus as a fresh start. And, like any fresh start, this one has to have a new aesthetic. I chose to switch up my room and add more color by adding rose gold and pink accents. It feels so cozy and like the perfect welcome back.

where I spend most of my time

a closer look at my wall that I call my “women wall” because it’s a dedication to women in my life and in the world.

I think 90% of the reasons why I love Erdman is because I’m guaranteed a window seat.

and, of course, my desk (which will be home to all my “done-is-good” lists)

Now that I’m back on campus, I’m hoping I’ll be able to translate what I learned and experienced abroad to my home here. I’m even doing a praxis this semester and will be much more active on and off campus. I’m excited to blog about the new things I’m up to this semester and how the rest of my junior year treats me!