When You Get 75 Degrees in February

Part of what excited me about having a field placement in Philadelphia was that I was going to be able to explore more and spend more time off campus. I’m not the biggest fan of winter, so I was planning on leaving this for when spring came, but climate change made a surprise visit last Wednesday and I decided to take advantage of the 75-degree weather!

After I got out of my field placement, I walked to the Institute of Contemporary Art that was only six minutes away. This museum is free for all and has some really cool exhibits at the moment. I had visited once during my first year at Bryn Mawr but they switch up the exhibits pretty often and this time was so different. 

There are a ton of museums in Philly, and in the fall, CampusPhilly city hosts College Fests, and students can visit museums all day for free. I’ve gone twice and it’s been really fun both times. Museums like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Franklin Institute are really big, and you can spend all day there. The Institute of Contemporary Art is a bit smaller in comparison, so once I saw the exhibits there, I had a lot more time to kill.

I decided to grab lunch at HoneyGrow which is a really affordable healthy food spot in Center City. I’d usually go for the unhealthiest option, but my sister has been pressing me to eat healthier and I guess that’s the adult thing to do. It’s also surprisingly really good food. I found a place to eat outside and it was right next to an outdoor flower shop and farmers market so after I ate and did some readings, I just explored those two things for some more time in the sun.



I’m really excited for the weather to get consistently warm, so I can spend more time exploring the city. Now that I’m gearing up towards senior year, I want to take advantage of the fact that I live so close to Philly and have some more fun. I’ll keep you all posted on new adventures!

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