How I Keep Myself Together: Self Care as a College Student

College can be hectic and busy and overwhelming and stressful at times. The best way to combat this is by continuously engaging in self care. Self-care looks really different for everyone, so I wanted to share what it means to me and suggest some ways you can look after yourself when you’re in need of some extra care.

  1. Listening to Frank Ocean: A Frank Ocean song feels like a warm bubble bath to me. I created a playlists with all of my favorite tracks by him and listen to it pretty much 90% of the time. When you’re feeling stressed, take a pause and listen to your favorite songs. Music can be really healing and comforting!

    New Girl (aka the funniest show ever)

  2. Watching New GirlLaughter is my number one cure for the feels and New Girl is the number one show to provide me with such. When you’ve been feeling extra low, watch your favorite tv show, movie, or YouTube vlog to help you get some endorphins.
  3. Eating Cheese Fries: Okay, so this is definitely not the healthiest self-care method, but who says it has to be?! Cheese fries make me happy and eating them after a long day/week/month/semester is the ultimate “treat-yo-self” act for me. I’m sure everyone has their own version of cheese fries. It’s food for the soul.

    My sister bought me a ton of face masks and I’m eternally grateful.

  4. DIY Spa: I like to set aside a ton of hours on a day to do absolutely nothing other than spa stuff. Wash my hair, do face masks, paint my nails, pluck my eyebrows, etc. Maybe these are things that could work for you! Maybe you’d rather dye your hair or apply funky makeup — do whatever makes you feel good.
  5. Organizing My Room: I honestly don’t know how many people find organizing helpful, but I love it! After I organize my room I feel a lot less like my life is a mess.
  6.  Journaling: I strongly suggest journaling. I try to do this every day, but sometimes I get lazy and forget. Journaling is a really good way to get my feelings out and to put my thoughts together. I write about my day; I write about the things I’m grateful for; I write about the things that are the sources of stress in my life; and I try to come up with solutions, etc. If you’re really into it, you can also do bullet journals (I’m going to try these next year!)

    Smoothies are for self-care!

  7. Making Sure I’m Not Neglecting Myself: This is essential! Make sure you’re drinking water, eating good food, reaching out to people you care about, getting a good amount of rest, keeping the shades open so you can be exposed to natural light, etc. I like cheese fries as much as the next girl, but sometimes I need to make a smoothie instead and really take care of myself and my body. When you stop taking care of your basic needs, everything else fails along with them.


These are pretty easy self-care approaches you can take when you’re feeling extra stressed. Sometimes self-care is a bit harder and it’s about dropping unhealthy behaviors, cutting off toxic people in your life, starting counseling services, etc. I’ve been there too! Just make sure you’re prioritizing your mental health and engaging in self-preservation!

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