Saying Goodbye to Study Abroad

My semester abroad has officially come to an end. Saying goodbye to IHP is so bittersweet! I’ve gained so much throughout this semester and have made such beautiful memories. I’m so sad to let it go!

This picture is from our very first flight together (to India)

We ended the program with an end-of-semester retreat in a retreat center two hours outside of Sao Paulo. We spent three days there reminiscing on the semester, doing intellectual syntheses, and prepping ourselves for going back home. We talked a lot about how to put what we learned to use back in our homes, as well as how to talk about our experiences while abroad.

We did an activity where we threw a piece of yarn around to each person in the circle and shared something we want to say to the rest of the group

I am feeling so grateful to IHP for the beautiful places it took me, the amazing people it introduced me to, and the difficult lessons it taught me. I grew in so many different ways this semester. Now I am preparing to go back to Bryn Mawr. I’ll continue to blog advice pieces for students that want to go abroad, as well as other things! I am actually currently in the process of designing a praxis course, so I should blog a little about that too. And of course, I’ll talk about what it’s like re-integrating into campus and all of the things that come with being a junior. Here’s to the next chapter!

My plane ride home

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