Pao in Sao Paulo :)

I arrived in Sao Paulo a few weeks ago and it’s been beautiful so far! The city has the young, energetic vibe of Cape Town and is full of murals and art galleries and amazing food and the kindest people. The language barrier has been a bit of a challenge since this is the first country I’m abroad in where English isn’t widely spoken, but we’ve been taking survival Portuguese classes in the morning, and my Spanish background helps a bit!

My passport had a rainbow on it when I flew to Sao Paulo, so I knew it would be a good trip

These past few weeks have been full of me overeating at delicious Brazilian kilos, doing as many touristy things as possible (I still have so much left on my list), trying to communicate in my broken Portuguese, and taking in Brazil in all of its glory. It’s my last country 🙁 !

Brazilian food (aka the best thing on this planet)

Brazilian pastels (which in my country, DR, we call pastelitos) are a little reminder of home!

fresh honey

we are clearly very excited about banana chips

Fresh coconut!!

I have been in my element in Sao Paulo! My program is coming to an end in two weeks and then I will be preparing to head back to Bryn Mawr in the spring. Everything is so bittersweet! For now, I am just enjoying what’s left of my abroad experience.

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