Bryn Mawr and Beyond

Today Bryn Mawr hosted an event in TGH to kick off parent’s weekend. Bryn Mawr and Beyond was demonstrating the variety of summer internships Bryn Mawr students take part in.

At first I was terrified to come to this event and present on my summer experience. I have never been too fond of public speaking and having all eyes on me. But the event ended up being more of a social, consisting of conversation between students and visitors about the work we’re passionate about and where we want to go moving forward.


Not only was I able to talk about my experience working at Boston Children’s Hospital, but I also got to listen to the work other students did over the summer. I saw a variety of programs that related to my interests and that I’ll probably apply for next summer. It was a great opportunity to learn about what else is out there for me.

On top of that we got free donuts and a free T-shirt, and every college student knows free stuff is the best stuff.

Free Bryn Mawr merch!

Free Bryn Mawr merch!

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