Reflections on a Busy Week

This past week for me has been full of supporting young girls in their paths and has been a great reminder of all of the things that led up to me choosing Bryn Mawr.

Last Wednesday, Sadie Nash, an after-school program that aims to promote leadership and activism among young women, brought their high school juniors on a tour of Bryn Mawr. I was able to be one of the Bryn Mawr students to meet these young girls and give them insight into what Bryn Mawr is like. It was so nostalgic watching their eyes light up when they first saw the cloisters and hearing them enthusiastically ask questions about college. It reminded me of when I was in their position, exactly four years ago, looking at colleges and falling in love with Bryn Mawr. I, too, attended a girls-centered after-school program, called Girls Inc., that was like a second home to me and taught me about feminism, social justice issues, and who I wanted to be in the world. After school programs like Sadie Nash and Girls Inc. have a huge impact on the lives of young girls and help support them in shooting for the stars. Girls Inc. was the one to nominate me for the Posse Scholarship, which is what helped bring me to Bryn Mawr.

My sister’s bio in the Girls Inc. luncheon booklet

The day after I led this tour, I flew back to my home in Lynn, MA to attend the Girls Inc. National Luncheon. My sister was invited to be the alumnae speaker at this event and I was so excited to see the women who helped me get to where I am today. The luncheon was such an emotional experience, as I got to see the girls who were freshmen in high school when I was graduating. They were now the ones graduating and picking colleges. They were going to Wellesley, and Brown, and Pomona, and Bowdoin and so many wonderful institutions. I was so proud to see how much they’d grown and succeeded. But it was no surprise to me, as organizations like Girls Inc. always help young girls reach their full potential.

That following Saturday, I attended the Love Your Magic Conference in Boston. It was a conference designed to help elementary school girls learn self-love and sisterhood. I was ecstatic to see so many little girls talking about why they’re worthy of love and how they support one another. I kept picturing where they would be ten years from today, graduating high school and selecting colleges.

the girls were asked “what does sisterhood mean to you?”

There are so many things that impact a person’s willingness and ability to go to college. Sadie Nash, Girls Inc., and the Love Your Magic Conference attempt to inspire girls and to support them in their academic journeys, so that they might one day be at a place like Bryn Mawr. I am constantly grateful to Girls Inc. and all of the people and programs in my life that have helped me get here. And now I am grateful to Bryn Mawr and all of the professors, students, and mentors I’ve met here that are helping me make plans for post-grad.

Bryn Mawr also makes sure to do this kind of work through partnerships with many organizations in and around Philadelphia. Programs like ACLAMO, Adelante, Ardmore Community Tutoring & Parkway West High Tutoring, and Art With Kids are opportunities for Bryn Mawr students to get involved with young people and to support them in their journeys.

This week has been one full of so much love and reflection. It’s been incredible to look back at my past as I gear up towards senior year and make plans towards my future.


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  1. Such a beautiful and inspirational reflection. You are helping the next generation of college students along. Congrats on your graduation and best of luck!
    –Parent of a BMC graduate, Class of 2012

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